Halloween Horror Film Fest 2011

HHFF #36 More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead – An insightful and heartfelt 2 hour long look back at the entire cast, crew, and special effects that went into bringing Return of the Living Dead to screen back in 1985. This documentary can get a bit tedious at times, but periodic appearances by Clu Gulager (ALERT!) kept me tuned in. Good Stuff. This was just released on DVD this past week, check it out!

HHFF #37 Dracula (1979) – This is my first time with this version and I have to say, it’s no slouch. It is however very different from the other offerings of this classic tale. In some ways it’s truncated, in others expanded. The look of the film is impressive and somewhat lavish, and a young Frank Langella (who played Skelator in Masters of the Universe: The Movie) makes for a formidable Dracula. Pretty fucking cool.

HHFF #38 Island of Lost Souls (1932) – “What is the law? Not to spill blood, that is the law. Are we not men?” Criterion just released the very first film adaptation of “Island of Doctor Moreau” on Blu-Ray for the Halloween weekend. The HD transfer of this gorgeous film is worth the price of admission, but even to this day Lost Souls is the most uncompromising and adult version of the Moreau story to date. This is a treasure and holds up better than most films from today, a testament to the genius behind those who made this back in 1932.

HHFF #39 The Hidden – Two Aliens play game of cat and mouse by means of a hiding inside human hosts. Amazing opening sequence involving driving a Ferrari through handicap people and cops. Yet another appearance in the HHFF by Clu Gulager (Alert!)

HHFF #40 The Nightmare Before Christmas – I sat my 70 year old Dad down and got him to watch this on the Blu-Ray player I got him for Christmas. I think he enjoyed what he understood of it, and my Mom enjoyed the music. I think his favorite bit from the film was the little kid screaming while that orange anaconda guzzled down a Christmas tree.

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  1. Khristina says:

    Great artwork!!! For Halloween this year we watched Night of the Scarecrow. I had seen it long ago but seeing it recently the movies was cheesy. I liked it and glad to have seen it again.

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