Halloween Horror Film Fest 2011

Halloween Horror Film Fest 2011Every October I set aside all my other film interests and focus exclusively on Horror and Halloween themed films, watching as many gory, scary, unnerving, and spooky genre pictures as I possibly can. Those who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and GetGlue have already had access to my mini-reviews and been able to follow along with each film. To celebrate Halloween I thought it would be fun to post the collection of these mini-reviews and let you know about all the spine-tingling macabre tales I’ve enjoyed this October.

Halloween Horror Film Fest #1 Maniac Cop – SHIT YEAH, Bruce Campbell and Tom Atkins! Starting the Halloween horror film season with a film I probably should have seen before but somehow hadn’t. Fantastic to discover the awesome Bruce Campbell in another 80’s horror. Action packed and insane!

HHFF #2 Halloween III: Season of the Witch – Somehow I’ve never seen this till now. I know everyone hates it but I like it because I go against the crowds and love the idea that they attempted to turn this series into an anthology series. Unfortunately they failed end ended up making an undead serial killer series instead.

HHFF #3 Pumpkinhead – Another one of the movies that I should have seen a million years ago and about a thousand times by now, but has somehow escaped me TILL NOW. PUMPINKHEAD, lets get some Fucking REVENGE!!! The visual effect here are top notch; no surprise as the film was directed by visual effects master Stan Winston. Startling performance here by acting legend Lance Henriksen.

HHFF #4 Pet Sematary – Always seem to like the Stephen King movies the author himself doesn’t. Speaking of King did you know he’s about to release a novel sequel to The Shining?

HHFF #5 Blood Creek – This film is sweet as hell, and its awesome to see Michael Fassbender in all these genre pictures. I’m absolutely shocked that Joel Schumacher made something this cool after that douche bag move where he put nipples on the Batman costume. This about a Nazi scientist obsessed with the cult who comes to the United States where a German immigrant family has settled over an ancient powerful rune stone that grants the power of immortality and other evil gifts. One of this year’s finest!

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  1. Khristina says:

    Great artwork!!! For Halloween this year we watched Night of the Scarecrow. I had seen it long ago but seeing it recently the movies was cheesy. I liked it and glad to have seen it again.

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