Welcome to NostalgiaFactor.com! My name is Duane Thomas and this website represents myself and a small group of like-minded independent artists and writers who are passionate about film and other forms of media. The object of NostalgiaFactor.com is to share news, information, artwork, and our individual opinions about the movies, games, toys, music, and the television shows that we love (or occasionally hate). While our major focus may be on the items we are most nostalgic about, that is not our exclusive emphasis. Despite the nostalgic theme, there are articles and features here that deal with modern subjects and new releases.

The most obvious aspect of NostalgiaFactor.com that sets us apart from other movie related blog/news sites is the fact that the majority of our featured artwork is unique and created exclusively for this webpage. If you enjoy the artwork please let us know by using the comments section or our contact form. For those of you that are interested, prints of the artwork will be made available through our Etsy page in near future.

We painstakingly maintain a backup library of Ultra High Resolution images of all the artwork on NostalgiaFactor. Therefore, if you see something you really like and would like to use it, obtain a personalized print, or have it printed onto a t-shirt, please contact me and we will do whatever we can to work out something to accommodate your needs using a High Quality original.


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