Halloween Horror Film Fest 2011

HHFF #31 Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy – This goddamn thing is 3 hours and 50 fucking minutes long and HOLY SHIT, IT IS AWESOME! The most in-depth overview of the entire Nightmare franchise from the origins of the first Nightmare on Elm Street to Freddy vs. Jason. Nearly every director, cast member, and major effects crew is interviewed from every movie. Even the fucking television series and 1-900 telephone thing has a 30 minute making of segment. This beast of a documentary shows just how groundbreaking the special effects were to these films, and how much depth the Nightmare series brought to the genre. LOVE THIS!!

HHFF #32 MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs presents My Boyfriend’s Back – The Parker Louis Can’t Lose of zombie movies hosted by Joe Bob = FUCK YES. Thank god for the internet! Found some Monstervision the other day on a torrent! Why the piss can’t we still have horror hosts? Joe Bob was among the best! Oh and this movie isn’t too bad for being PG. Joe Bob’s Drive-In Totals: 3 Dead Bodies, 1 Undead Body, Arm biting, Ear Biting, Skin Peeling, Nose Rolls, Arm Rolls, Leg Rolls, Whangdoodle Rolls, Ax To the Head, Stomach Eating, Redneck Eating, Multiple Bullets To the Chest, Tabasco To the Head. Three Stars, Joe Bob says CHECK IT OUT! So do I.

HHFF #33 Feast III: The Happy Ending – This one was a bit more cohesive than the previous two, but that’s not really saying a lot. It is, in my opinion, the funniest of the three, and I think it did a great job wrapping the whole thing up and putting a bow on top. Some films have twist endings, where Feast III has a “Fuck You, Now this is Happening” ending. Complaining about the production quality, like so many people do, is really a non-issue because honestly, these films have such a low budget that it’s damn impressive that they even exist. They’re fun, gory, and best of all WEIRD. Now, where’s my Clu Culager (ALERT!) Last Man on Earth, Omega Man, I Am Legend movie!? Seriously, I want to see that.

HHFF #34 MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs presents Ghoulies II – Is this the stupidest mini-creature film from the 80’s? Well I’m not sure, I’ve never seen Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College. Throughout the episode Joe Bob keeps bringing up that next week they’ll be watching Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me! I’d fucking kill to see that episode of Monstervision, so if you know someone who has it, get it for me!! Here’s Joe Bob’s Drive-In Totals: Eight dead bodies. No breasts. Five dead ghoulies. Razor-blade slicing. Knife to the leg. Puss to the face. Ghoulie to the face. Severed arm. Foot biting. Ghoulie eating. Death by toxic waste. Death by pendulum. Exploding Ghoulie. Ghoulie Fu. And, of course, Toilet Fu.

HHFF #35 Plan 9 from Outer Space – Hosted by 100 Years Of Monster Movies on the Monster Channel www.100ymm.com I can’t believe I just watched this movie again. But Riffing it and chatting with the folks over at the Monster Channel made it worth it. Check out their Facebook Page here www.facebook.com/monsterchannel

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  1. Khristina says:

    Great artwork!!! For Halloween this year we watched Night of the Scarecrow. I had seen it long ago but seeing it recently the movies was cheesy. I liked it and glad to have seen it again.

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