Nostalgia Factor Podcast – Prototype Episode

Nostalgia Factor Podcast Prototype Episode - Artwork.

The prototype episode of The Nostalgia Factor Podcast.

Hosted by Duane Thomas and Sean Matuk

Here we talk about the new film, Whiplash starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons, Beck’s new album Morning Phase, Fantomas, Mike Patton, and the NEW Faith No More album Sol Invictus.

Pardon the dust while we are constructing the podcast. Mistakes were made but we had to get the ball rolling. Yes I know I screwed up and the music is too damn loud. It’s a learning experience.


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True Romance

True Romance“I swear to you, from this moment forth, I’ll never lie to you again.”

As volatile as it is endearing and captivating, True Romance is a glorious movie about reckless youth and impulsiveness. This is a film, more than anything else, about unadulterated pure love; the kind of love that breaks through impregnable walls and burns through the lies we tell each other. However, don’t be fooled by my magniloquent description, least you fall victim to a shotgun blast to the face. Although it may have one of the most flowery titles in all of cinematic history, True Romance revels in the old Ultra-Violence. Oh, and did I mention that this film was penned by a young Quentin Tarantino, still unspoiled by his well deserved rampant success?  His voice shines through not only in every clever piece of dialog, but the story telling themes he built his name on got their start right here. This is a film bursting at the seams with so much raw talent and charisma that it almost shouldn’t exist, but it does, and the final product is so outstanding and timeless that it’s practically unbelievable.

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They Live – Heevahava Poster

I was commissioned for a Concert Poster by the band Heevahava. I was provided all the concert details and told to do whatever I wanted. I decided to use the opportunity to pay homage to the 1988 John Carpenter classic “They Live”, and to take a poke at Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Heevahava April 4thYou can check out Heevahava’s excellent music on their Facebook page.

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