Nostalgia Factor Podcast — Episode 1

Nostalgia Factor Podcast: Episode 1 - Evil Dead, Trailer Park Boys

The Nostalgia Factor Podcast : Episode 1 – Evil Dead, Trailer Park Boys

Hosted by Duane Thomas and Sean Matuk

This episode we talk about Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s Evil Dead film series, season 9 of the Trailer Park Boys on Netflix, Metallica, the thrash metal band who called themselves Evildead, HP Lovecraft, Jonathan Hickman’s current run on Marvel’s Avengers and New Avengers comic book line. And on our segment Riff Busters, we examine the alarming similarity between the guitar licks on Excel’s “Tapping Into the Emotional Void” and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

Pardon the dust while we are still stumbling around in the dark trying to figure this podcasting thing out. Also, I apologize for my voice this episdoe, I was extremely stuffed up during the recording.


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