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Nostalgia Factor Podcast – Prototype Episode

The prototype episode of The Nostalgia Factor Podcast. Hosted by Duane Thomas and Sean Matuk Here we talk about the new film, Whiplash starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons, Beck’s new album Morning Phase, Fantomas, Mike Patton, and the NEW … Continue reading

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True Romance

“I swear to you, from this moment forth, I’ll never lie to you again.” As volatile as it is endearing and captivating, True Romance is a glorious movie about reckless youth and impulsiveness. This is a film, more than anything … Continue reading

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They Live – Heevahava Poster

I was commissioned for a Concert Poster by the band Heevahava. I was provided all the concert details and told to do whatever I wanted. I decided to use the opportunity to pay homage to the 1988 John Carpenter classic … Continue reading

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